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Updated: May 6, 2019

I get a lot of questions about credit, including what actually shows up on the report. That's a great question! A general rule of thumb is that if the payment is made to a bank or other financial institution, it is reported. However, accounts are not always reported correctly so it is extremely important to monitor your credit, especially when you are thinking about buying a house. Requesting your own credit report does not count as an inquiry and does not affect your score!

Here's a quick overview of what is and is not reported on your credit history.

Accounts that are reported:

- Auto loans/leases - Credit cards - Student loans - Personal loans - Mortgages - Collection accounts - Child support (Sometimes, but not always. Lenders will likely ask for court documentation.)

Accounts that are not reported: - Insurance payments - Utility payments - Rent - Private notes (Document signed when you borrow money from someone other than a financial institution.) - Alimony

However, keep in mind that if you do not pay any of these obligations they can end up as a negative on your credit report in the form of a collection account. So, accounts like your rent, electricity bill, and cell phone bill don't necessarily help your credit score, but they can really hurt it if you don't keep up with the payments.

Want to schedule a time to chat about your specific credit situation? Please reach out, I'd love to chat!


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